Vlog: Drive all blames into one

What to do when we feel like sh*t? Is it fair to blame everyone and everything else? In my vlog I am painfully honest about my experience. I put my sh*t on the table and link it the big ol’ d-word. Dharma that is. I am hoping that my humanness can be of benefit. 

Please don’t take my word for it. Explore, contemplate, be curious, look into your own experience! Check out the information below to see commentaries by other teachers on the this particular slogan.

was a 10th century Indian Buddhist teacher. He , who embarked on journey to search of the teacher Serlingpa, who lived on Sumatra in present-day Indonesia. Serlingpa was the holder of a body of profound mind training teachings. In order to receive these teachings, it was necessary to find Serlingpa and personally request them. Having done so, Atisha brought the teachings of Serlingpa back to India and Tibet.

In 12th century  Tibet the buddhist teacher Geshe Chekawa systematized Atsha’s mind training teachings into a series of slogans. These became known as The Root Text of the Seven Points of Training the Mind.

Much later on, in the 196h century Jamgön Kongtrül the Great wrote a commentary on this test, entitled The Basic Path toward Enlightenment.

In the beginning, the mind training teachings were kept secret and were only practiced by a few.

Find a full list is of all the Lojong slogans here.

Drive all blame into one
Tibetan: ལེ་ལན་ཐམས་ཅད་གཅིག་ལ་བདའ།

This is advice on how to work with your fellow beings. Everyone is looking for someone to blame and therefore aggression and neurosis keep expanding. Instead, pause and look at what’s happening with you. When you hold on so tightly to your view of what they did, you get hooked. Your own self-righteousness causes you to get all worked up and to suffer. So work on cooling that reactivity rather than escalating it. This approach reduces suffering—yours and everyone else’s.

“The Compassion Box” by Pema Chödrön

Kagyu commentary: http://www.kagyu.org/slogans/instruction_12.html

Judy Lief: http://tricycle.org/trikedaily/train-your-mind-drive-all-blames-into-one/

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche: http://www.placeofdreams.org/slogans/contents.php?section=Point%203%20:%20Transformation%20of%20Bad%20Circumstances&subsection=12


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