Mojo Di on harnessing her Windhorse

It is a phenomenon we all know, we’ve all come across it, and many of us use it actively for all sorts of reasons: YouTube. No matter what you are interested in, you can find a hundred videos about it. For me, the hot topic is meditation.

I found the YouTube-channel of Mojo Di, a young woman who talks openly about the link between meditation and anxiety. I decided to ask her for an interview in order to share her story with our community. Over Coffee and cake she was kind enough to tell me about her journey to, and with, meditation.

Mojo Di, aka Fabienne Rose, found her way to meditation, or rather her way to making her meditations public, during a rough time in her life. She was suffering from social anxieties and hardly ever left the house. Even though depressions are illnesses with which it is often necessary to seek the help of a therapist, Mojo Di believed that this was not the right way for her. When she took the opportunity to ask a therapist’s opinion, all she found was that they couldn’t tell her anything she didnt already know. She knew what her fears were, where they came from and how they affected her – and isn’t that the first step towards recovery?

During our tea party, Mojo Di told me how she had been desperate for something to do, a task that could take her mind off of her anxiety. She was sure there had to be something other than sitting at home alone, waiting for the next major attack to come.

The decision to film her meditations and to give meditation instructions opened the door to a new perspective: Now Mojo Di has an established YouTube-Channel offering individual meditation instructions, helping folk from all over Germany who need guidance during difficult periods of their life, or simply want to start meditating.

In these times of materialism and superficial needs, voices like the one of Mojo Di are crucial for our society. She does not only give advice on meditation and shares her experience about the healing process of her social anxiety and depression, she can also be a role model for us all. Pursuing our dreams even in the hardest and darkest of times is scary, but strong and brave women show us that it is possible. Helping others, spreading kindness and generosity and at the same time staying true to yourself enriches your life more than any well-payed job can. This realisation can enable us to flourish as human beings, as parts of a community and as meditators as well.

While Mojo Di and I talked and turned our chat into a well-spent afternoon, I realised that this is what drew me to her and her channel: her aura of happiness surrounding what she is doing, and her strength to fully believe in it – an aura of richness and, in Shambhalian terms, of raging ­windhorse.

Mojo Di


Maria Anna is a German writer, dharma brat and anglophile, who can often be found skipping around Dechen Choling.

Cover image: ‘Falling in love with the dark side of the universe’ by Pilar Zeta



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