Longing in Berlin

Poem by  Annalie Wilson


Longing in Berlin

In some strange way, belonging

to my longing

In Berlin

Ich verliere mich

auf den Strassen, am Ufer,

durch Baustelle

Hey miss, one kiss! Kennst du

was ist bisou?

Yes I know, und ich warte

auf den Kuss eines anderen

Bis dann I am

Running in Berlin

Half an hour, cross the Treptower

Into the Plantenwald

Peace, says the guru,

Cannot be found but through love

Und bei dir hatt’ich beide

Deswegen bin ich hier

Diving in Berlin

Into the deep blue green unknown

of the present moment

Dirty and profound

That’s where I make my home

just now

Thrown out of my own story

Strung out by the search for

paper glory

Suddenly am Fluss

Wide, wet, open, growing

to the sound of my overflowing

heart, I am singing in Berlin

That’s my thing after all

We are creating, he says,

This world we are living in

Breath by breath by word by step

by look by text by laugh, my love

I am dancing in Berlin

I’ve found a place

I can be myself

Broken open genuine

Living breathing laughing

Crying waking loving dying

Losing bruising

Choosing to be here

with everything that brings

The joyful sad belonging

To this endless crazy

Longing in Berlin


Annalie Wilson is a singer songwriter based in London, check out her excellent website here: annaliewilson.com

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