Watch this! – Meditation in Action

In a world full of suffering we every so often need something to give us perspective. To help inspire each month one of our Cheetahs shares a video worth watching. This month’s treasure was selected by Llew.

The Chronicles of Trungpa Rinpoche is a website excellent to return to regularly, collating as it does a vast amount of information about the phosphorescent life of one of the most extraordinary crazy wisdom gurus of all time and of our time. These five lectures are a beautiful series of talks given at Colorado University relating to Meditation in Action. It is always such a joy to hear Trungpa Rinpoche’s Oxford English in recordings. His constant playfulness balanced by his deep seriousness makes the teachings relevant and precise and his imploring that the practice be related back to personal experience and his use of psychological lingo has, somewhat because of him, become the norm though at the time these talks were given (1971) was radical and visionary.

four_mile_from_jgritz_200 (1)

Listen to them here


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