Monthly Poetry: Eternal Guest

poetryThere are a thousand ways to express that thing that can’t be expressed. Through teaching the dharma great meditation masters have tried their best to pass their wisdom onto us. Another way their wisdom makes manifest is through arts and in this case poetry. Please enjoy this month’s ‘enlightened’ poem.

In the jungle of passion,
The warrior of the tiger roams;
In the flame of aggression,
The diamond vajra sparks;
In the ocean of ignorance,
The iceberg of cold awake rumbles.
Bounded by love
Swallows still try to measure the sky;
Nursed with the nectar of amrita
Still we look for a nanny goat’s nipples–
Such as we are:
But we do not give up.

We should not give up:
We are the children of the vajra world.
We should sing the anthem of lion’s roar;
We should cry the shriek of fearlessness.
Come and join us!
Let us be wakeful for our own sake;
Let us be decent for others’ sake.
My love to you.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
6 April 1978
First Thought, Best Thought, 108 Poems 


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