Watch this! – Bodhisattva Cohen

In a world full of suffering we every so often need something to give us perspective. To help inspire each month one of our Cheetahs shares a video worth watching. This month’s treasure was selected by Llew.

This is an excellent interview with Leonard Cohen or bodhisattva Cohen as I sometimes think of him. Filmed at Mount Baldy, the Zen monastery where Cohen was a monk for many years, he is classically charming and self deprecating and it is a welcome sight to see him offering his guest whisky while in his grey robes with a shaved head. Parts of the interview are not in English but it is well worth persevering. Actually, this Swedish interview series looks fun in it’s own right, a montage opening shows the presenter – Stina Dabrowski – smiling, laughing or looking quizzical while meeting all sorts of interesting characters. There is one hilarious shot of her holding hands and jumping up and down on the spot with his holiness the Dalai Lama. Throughout the interview with Cohen there is an amazing electricity between them, both can be quite cutting and yet there is also the sense that they are flirting with each other a little bit, at the end when she goes to leave, they smile, wave, talk about separation and she strokes his cheek in jest.


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