Let’s not give up

My prayers go out to the world, and to all who are suffering. I know what happened in Paris came as a shock to all of us. And to many it seems like the worst thing in the world right now. I am not saying that what happened wasn’t horrific. But I would like to ask all of you to open your hearts and not exclude the rest of the world from your kind thoughts and/or prayers.

Let’s not forget about Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan. Let’s not forget about Mexico, Ukraine and any other country that finds itself in an armed conflict. Let’s not forget about high school shootings. Let’s not forget about racism and all the hate in the world.
And I ask of you: can you open your heart with thoughts of compassion, sadness and love rather than filling it with more hate?
What would it take for us to stop being at war with our planet and each other. To care for our planet and care for all of our brothers and sisters around the world? Because frankly, it’s all we’ve got. The earth we walk on, and everything on it. It’s all we’ve ever had. It’s all we’ll ever have.

What does it take for you to realize that you are just another me? We might not look the same, or have the same beliefs. We might not be attracted to the same people. But we are not different, we are not separate. And if you can’t bring yourself to love everyone else, then could you please stop being at war with yourself?

With love,

If you feel inspired to engage in tonglen practice but don’t quite know how, please take some time to look at this video by Pema Chodron.


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