Watch this! – perspective on bipolar disorder

In a world full of suffering we every so often need something to give us perspective. To help inspire each month one of our Cheetahs shares a video worth watching. This month’s treasure was selected by Llew.

Appreciating and also suffering as I do from bipolar disorder, Kay Redfield Jamison is a light in the storm and therefore it was a great privilege to see her in conversation with A. C. Grayling at the Wellcome Collection last year. I have enjoyed recently revisiting this talk. Jamison is so exceptional in the field of mental health in part because she has unique experience of manic depressive illness from both sides being both a psychiatrist and someone with lived experience. Two of her books are well worth tracking down if you have interest in this field: ‘Touched with Fire‘ is a study of the powerful connection between bipolar illness and creativity focusing especially on the biographies of great poets and writers such as Lord Byron or Virginia Woolf, and her own biography ‘An Unquiet Mind‘ charts her extraordinary trajectory as a psychiatrist with manic depressive illness.

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-20 om 20.19.10Watch video here

11014948_1620146681560586_6059890276157674744_n Llew


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