Meet the Cheetahs



Alexa Gould-Kavet (USA)


Llew Watkins (UK)


Rianne Pelleboer (Holland)


Jessica Eve Watkins (UK)

Why BodhiCheetah?

Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on the planet and resemble the society we live in perfectly. We run from one place to the other and in the mean time we send messages and e-mails. While we have dinner with our friends, we manage to sneak send an e-mail to our bosses or teachers. We upload a photo of our meal on instagram, write something funny about it on twitter while we talk about it to someone on facebook.

Like cheetahs, humans are light and flexible, and we have big hearts. We live and move in groups and we want to be connected. We are together alone. Is it really a coincidence that BodhiCheetah sounds an awful lot like *drum roll* bodhicitta**?

We are a group of young Shambhala Buddhists. We write about our personal daily experience, about enlightened society, our vulnerable environment, and everything we care about. Though based in various corners of the world, we are all conscious of the truths of Shambhala Buddhism, and are passionate about determining what it is to be young and alive.

** Bodhicitta – “awakened heart-mind” – is the compassionate wish to realise enlightenment for all beings, not just oneself.

A cheetah


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